Why Be Assessed?

Planting a new church is a ministry requiring special gifts, abilities, experiences and calling distinct from typical pastoral ministry. The RENEW Assessment Center is a three-day event used to help evaluate interested pastors in the specific competencies for church planting. Some of the competencies include:

Vital Spiritual Life: exhibiting a compelling walk with God; living by grace, practicing love.

Strong Prayer Life: depending on God through prayer as a priority.

Personal Integrity: exercising strong biblical morality and principles in daily life.

Family Life: developing growing love relationships among family members who share the vision of ministry.

Evangelism: cooperating with God in leading people to salvation.

Visionary Leadership: leading others with grace to accomplish God’s plan.

Preaching: proclaiming God’s Word confidently.

How Am I Assessed?

Candidates are involved in simulated church planting exercises, small group experiences, teaching modules, evaluation instruments and personal interviews with qualified and godly assessment staff.

During assessment you will enjoy fellowship with fellow candidates and staff through meals, worship times, classroom interaction and informal opportunities. Each person assessed receives confidential feedback, as well as a complete evaluation to assist in determining God’s direction for a church planting ministry.

Benefits Of Assessment

By going through the assessment process, a church planter will be emboldened, and gain confidence and confirmation in his calling, giftedness and readiness for a church planting ministry. Assessment also protects a candidate from the trauma and pain of burnout – thoroughness in the process provides protection from unrealistic expectations. As a result, church leaders are more confident, since their investment of time, people and resources is better served by the assessment process.

Cost vs. Investment

The cost of assessment is relatively small considering the investment that individuals, churches and donors make in starting a new church. It is a wise investment of God’s resources to help couples faithfully and carefully discern God’s will for their lives.

RENEW seeks to keep costs to a minimum by limiting them to lodging, food, materials and administrative needs. We are fully committed to keeping the assessment process “budget friendly”. Often, a candidate’s church, financial partners or denomination will share the responsibility of the assessment cost. Applicants should contact their respective leadership for possible financial aid or assistance.

Please be assured that each candidate’s assessment information is held in strict confidence and only released by his permission.

To begin the process, click here to take our self-assessment.